Hair Transplantation In Turkey

Hair transplantation in Turkey is a surgical procedure that is applied to provide permanent relief to people who suffer from hair loss due to health problems, irregular diet, improper hair care, or genetic reasons. This method eliminates the problem of hair loss resulting from many health and genetic causes.

Hair is very important in terms of health and aesthetics, and the natural appearance is provided through hair transplantation. Since it is a surgical procedure, it must be performed by experienced professionals in a hospital setting.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

How Is Hair Transplant Surgery Performed?

No definitive treatment for hair loss has been found for many years. However, with the development of medicine and technology, Turkey’s hair transplant treatment has resulted in a natural and permanent response. This procedure is not challenging and is also a straightforward treatment method.

This method of treatment is carried out by transferring the roots from the area that is resistant to hair loss to the area where hair loss has appeared. The roots are usually taken from the nape of the neck. The reason for taking roots from this area is the presence of DHT in the hair on the nape of the neck. Since the person’s own hair follicles are used for hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Candidates

Hair transplantation, which is known as the ultimate solution to hair loss for many reasons, is not a method that can be applied to everyone. Tests are performed by experts before starting this treatment. The person is screened for any possible risks. If there is a risk, this treatment should not be considered.

The tests performed reveal information about the condition of the hair. If the donor area is disproportionate to the area suffering from hair loss, a second session is performed or the procedure is abandoned. Anyone can perform this operation except for children and the elderly. Several improvement methods are available for people whose test results are not positive.

Unshaven Hair Transplant Technique

Preparing For A Hair Transplant

There are many details that must be taken into consideration when preparing for this procedure, which will give definite and permanent results. These details ensure that the treatment is both powerful and comfortable. The patient is examined for any possible risks before the hair transplant. Determining whether the incumbent is suitable to perform this procedure is an important precaution. If all is well and the patient has no problem, the first step of the procedure is taken.

Why Is Turkey The Perfect Choice For Hair Transplantation?

In the field of plastic surgery, Turkey is one of the most sought after countries in the world. This region is a real center of medical tourism. Among the inevitable surgical practices we find hair transplantation. However, since the early 2000s, Turkey has become the destination for most hair transplants worldwide.

The reason? Medical education has developed significantly over time and there are more medical graduates than countries such as the United States, France, Greece and New Zealand! As a result, many medical facilities have been built in Turkey, including more than 500 hair transplant facilities in Istanbul alone.

Instructions Before Hair Transplant

There are many details that must be taken into account before hair transplant treatment due to health problems, wrong hair care, or genetic reasons.

Avoid alcohol before the procedure.

Anticoagulants should be stopped under the supervision of a physician.

Not using any chemical products.

If a person has a disease or is taking medication, they should definitely report this situation to their doctor.

You should come to the procedure with washed hair and comfortable clothes that can be put on and taken off easily to avoid damaging the hair follicles.

Smoking can negatively affect the treatment, so you should avoid smoking for a period of time before the procedure. You should avoid smoking at least a week before the procedure.

It is recommended to eat before starting the procedure. If your operation will take place in the afternoon or late, you can have a snack before you go.

Caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee should be avoided until the day before the operation.

It is not recommended to drive for 6 hours after this procedure. If you come by car, you should have someone to drive with you.

Instructions After Hair Transplant Surgery

The transplanted hair follicles must be protected after a hair transplant and there are many points to consider to speed up the healing process. It is essential to follow all recommendations to get complete results.

Post-transplant care should definitely not be neglected. You must completely avoid touching your hair to avoid touching or negatively affecting the hair follicles after the procedure.

Hair should not be washed for the first three days. It is essential to wash hair in the right direction and to be gentle.

Your hair follicles can be damaged when they come into contact with the bed material while you are lying down. Use a small, soft pillow and lie on your back. The top and sides of the head can be damaged by contact with the pillow.

Comfortable clothing such as T-shirts is recommended instead of clothing such as turtlenecks and T-shirts that may damage and endanger hair follicles. Sweating, excessive humidity, hot and cold environments should be avoided to speed up the healing process of hair follicles and prevent damage.

Medicines and dressings recommended by the doctor should be used without interruption. The sun’s rays can damage the transplanted hair roots, and the patient should avoid the sun’s rays as much as possible.

Advantages Of Hair Transplantation In Turkey

Istanbul in Turkey is one of the best options in the world for hair transplantation. Turkey can be considered the best country in the world for hair transplantation.

The very reasonable prices and quality of service at its world-class clinics with the latest technology, quality and affordable healthcare make Istanbul a great choice for medical tourists looking for the best hair transplant trip plan.

The majority of hair transplant clinics in Turkey are located in Istanbul, which is why hair transplantation in Turkey has recently become one of the best options in the world. Then come Ankara and Izmir. In addition, many hair transplant surgeons also perform hair transplant operations under favorable conditions in several contracted high-standard private hospitals.

The majority of tourists visit Istanbul and Turkey to perform hair transplantation operations from the Middle East, the Gulf and European countries for hair transplantation operations, as medical tourism in Istanbul is growing very quickly across global markets in recent years.

Turkey is also in the list of the top 3 countries in the world for hair transplantation. Istanbul offers world-class hair transplant clinics at very affordable prices.

The Cost Of Hair Transplantation In Turkey

The cost of hair transplant surgery in Istanbul and Turkey varies according to the reputation and popularity of surgeons, medical teams, clinics, and hospitals, the number of grafts that you will need, as well as the quality of service.

On average, the price of FUE hair transplant in distinguished clinics and surgeons ranges between 1,500 to 3,000 USD.