Unshaven Hair Transplant Technique

One of the common questions asked by patients who are planning to undergo a hair transplant is whether a hair transplant can be performed without shaving the head. Unshaven hair transplantation is actually something that people really prefer when undergoing hair transplantation.

As individuals, we often tend to see our hair as a reflection of our beauty, influencing the way we define ourselves; Therefore, it is not at all surprising that a person would hesitate to shave his head when considering hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

Advantages Of Hair Transplantation Without Shaving

Patients can return to work and normal routine in a short period of time

This technique hides scarring marks in the recipient area

Shorter recovery time

Ideal for a revision hair transplant surgery to hide scars from a previous hair transplant – such as linear scars

Candidates For Unshaven Hair Transplantation

Men and women who want to hide the signs of hair transplant surgery for personal reasons can be good candidates for unshaven hair transplantation in Turkey.

You may be a good candidate for a unshaven hair transplant in Turkey if you:

Looks for virtually undetectable results

Seeking a short recovery period

You want to grow your hair

Unshaven Hair Transplant Technique

Hair transplant doctors will only cut the hair of the donor follicles while keeping all other hairs to the same length. During the unshaven hair transplant, hair transplant doctors hide the trimmed donor follicles among the surrounding hair for the entire length, leaving you with a completely natural look. This no-shave hair transplant technique is well suited to both female and male hair loss patients making the results virtually undetectable.

The Method Of Hair Transplantation Without Shaving

Hair transplant surgeons can perform a no-shave hair transplant using a few proven hair restoration techniques.

FUE Unshaved Hair Transplant

Traditional hair transplantation is one of the most popular hair restoration methods due to its nature and short operating time. Unshaven hair transplantation using the FUE technique is done by harvesting the follicles from thin strips of hair on the scalp to avoid shaving any part of their head.

Unshaved hair transplantation using DHI technique

During the DHI technique of unshaven hair transplantation, the hair strands are cut and the transplantation is performed using a Choi implantable pen, in which the hair follicles are inserted one by one into the recipient area (hair loss area) of the scalp.

How Is Hair Transplant Without Shaving?

Here are the steps for unshaven hair transplantation:

The patient to whom this technique is applied will receive an explanation about the hair transplantation procedure. In addition, information about possible complications is provided.

Experts design the hair line with laser technology

The patient’s hair is completely washed and sterilized. At the back of the head where the follicles will be taken, an area of 2 to 4 cm will be shaved. In addition, sterilization and anesthesia are provided for the unshaven hair transplantation area.

Hair follicles are collected and counted. First, a saline solution is injected into the donor area. Thus, the roots are collected correctly and comfortably. During the assembly process, the person does not feel any pain or tingling.

It is ensured that the roots to be transplanted in the transplantation area are at the same depth and direction as the existing hair follicles. If the angle of the hair to be transplanted is the same as the existing hair, it will give a natural look. The channels should be opened to the size of the transplanted roots.

Important Information About Hair Transplantation Without Shaving

*To apply this technique, the hair must be of a certain length. This length, which varies according to the patient’s hair structure, is set at an average of 7 cm.

To reduce the risk of bleeding from hair transplantation, medications such as blood thinners should remain under a doctor’s supervision.

Products such as lotion, hairspray, cream and cologne should not be used for a certain period of time to allow the hair follicles to heal properly.

This hair transplant technique may not be applicable to everyone. For this reason, the problem area to be transplanted must be determined before application. For this it is necessary to heed the doctor’s advice.

You should stop consuming caffeinated drinks a week before the surgery.

It is recommended to stop smoking and alcohol for a month before treatment.

Disadvantages Of Hair Transplantation Without shaving

The most important thing about this technique is that the success of unshaven hair transplant depends on the experience of the doctor.

The transplantation process must be done very carefully. During this process, the distance between the hair follicles must be adjusted well. If the distance is not adjusted correctly, the remaining hair can be lost.

With the no-shave technology, treatment takes longer than with other techniques.

Treatment must be carried out in good hygienic conditions, otherwise it will lead to complications.

Results Of Hair Transplant Surgery Without Shaving

As a result of this technique, the natural and dense appearance of the hair is taken care of, which requires a lot of attention and experience. The number of grafts that can be used with the unshaven hair transplantation technique is more limited.

Therefore, the area to be transplanted should not be too large, as this may affect the result of hair transplantation without shaving. It is very important to follow the doctor’s advice and directions after the transplant.