Stomach Botox

It is a process in which the stomach wall is injected from the inside with Botox, a substance known to be used to tighten facial wrinkles, as this substance relaxes the muscles, whether in the stomach or face.

It is a medical slimming method that is more comfortable and easy to apply compared to other surgical methods. Thanks to Stomach Botox, loss of appetite occurs, the person eats less, and the weight loss process begins.

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What We Recommend Before Stomach Botox Surgery

The person who is applying for the stomach Botox procedure must refrain from eating for 8 hours. Before starting the application of the stomach Botox, the patient must be physically examined and evaluated and if there is no obstacle, then the application of the stages of stomach Botox will be started

What Are The Defects That Botox May Cause?

The feeling of fullness increases with this technique, which also leads to a feeling of early satiety and later hunger, but it does not reduce the size of the stomach. Therefore, despite the feeling of fullness, it does not prevent people from eating. People with eating problems may not get any results from stomach Botox.

Following a diet after stomach Botox is crucial for efficient weight loss.

The short-term effectiveness of stomach botox is another drawback. Although the treatment can be repeated, we only want to use it once if we want to lose weight and keep it off. Thus, the diet must be followed even after the Botox effect wears off after six months.

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Who Is Stomach Botox Suitable For?

It can be applied to anyone who is overweight and has failed previous weight loss methods. However, it should not be applied to individuals with muscle diseases, chronic ulcer problems, and Botox allergy.

Persons Eligible For Stomach Botox Injections

Those who are afraid of surgery and want to lose weight with more comfortable applications

Those who cannot undergo surgeries due to their existing diseases

Depending on age and gender, the BMI in particular ranges from 25-40

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Individuals For Whom Stomach Botox Poses A Risk

Those who react negatively to Botox

Those who suffer from gastrointestinal discomfort

Pregnant or breastfeeding women

Those with a body mass index of less than 25

Individuals with muscle diseases

The age limit is +18. This must be done with the approval and supervision of a physician.

Benefits Of Abdominal Botox

Comparing stomach Botox to plastic surgery, there are many benefits. These include benefits

No incisions or stitches are made when applying. It is a gentle and painless application as it is an endoscopic treatment.

No incisions or stitches are made when applying. It is a gentle and painless application as it is an endoscopic treatment.

There is no need for general anesthesia.

Botox stomach injection takes only 15 minutes.

After the operation, there is relatively little recovery time.

Very effective in shedding pounds

After use, there is no discomfort or potential for negative effects.

It is more affordable than surgical applications.

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What Should Be Thought About After Stomach Injections With Botox?

Diet and exercise are among the most important factors that must be considered after stomach Botox injections. To lose weight, a diet is essential. We advise you to support unintentionally receiving news. In order to avoid physical edema, be aware of your regular water intake. You can make it more and more healthy as long as you remember these things

Botox For Diabetics

Diabetics can benefit from obesity treatments, such as stomach Botox. As a result, blood sugar and insulin levels are more stable than in obese people